Trending Hairstyles 2019 – Short Layered Hairstyles

Trending hairstyles 2019 short layered hairstyles 54

New year 2019 came with many beautiful hairstyles trends, one of these trends is the short layered hairstyles. One of the most beautiful hairstyles in the beauty world in the prior year and continue as a trend this year. Many celebrities appeared with this hairstyles like Jennifer Lawrence and Keira Knightley. Short layered hairstyles are easy to achieve and suitable for work. Here are some types of these hairstyles..

a hairstyle that turns heads and tells more about one’s attitude and personality. The best thing about the vibrant look is that it is suitable for all face shapes and therefore anyone can rock the style well. Be sure to dry your hair before using a styling glue to pull it into the right position. By using styling glue, you can achieve different other looks.

Shaggy short layered:
A short hairstyle that can be considered as a medium length hairstyle also. The cut comes with bangs and is most suitable for individuals with round faces. The style requires a flat iron and a smoothing product. Be sure you hair is completely dry, and then use flat iron to straighten it. Use a hairspray to give extra hold, and a polished look for your hair.

Short razor cut layered:
This is a short style coming with stylish razor cut layers. It has full bangs that are slightly asymmetrical to the layers. The style is amazing for most faces but most suitable for individuals with a long face. This is because the front asymmetry together with the long bangs helps in making the face look shorter. Apply heat protection products to the hair before blow drying it using your fingers. Using a flat iron, smooth out all waves. Follow this with a light application of wax or pomade to achieve styling with ease.

Natural wavy short layered:
This is a romantic and soft style that is very easy to maintain as it dwells around the natural hair wave. It can be textured to achieve a stunning look without complicating it. This hairstyle more suitable for women with petite. It comes with imperfect layers and a random curl. You can find this hairstyle more simple specially if you have a healthy hair. Styling cream should be applied to the hair when it is still damp before finger combing the hair and leaving it to air dry.

Short layered pixie:
The pixie is an ever-fashionable trend. The short layered pixie comes with lots of built in texture and the most amazing thing about the hairstyle is that it is low-maintenance, thus making it a wonderful style for those always on the go.