20 Cute Holiday Hairstyles To Complete Your Look

20 cute holiday hairstyles to complete your look 14

When it comes to style, it’s the season to change everything up! Your house decorations, wardrobe, and yes, even your hair. This is the time when everyone is home for the holidays, and you definitely want to look your absolute best. These cute holiday hairstyles should help you feel your best, especially when it comes to catching up with those long lost friends, and relatives you only see once a year. So without further ado, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite easy holiday hairstyles that you can wear to your next Christmas party, or family gathering!

1) The Crown Braid
To achieve a look like this, get that natural beachy wave going using a curling iron. Once your beach waves are complete, part your hair in the middle, grab a chunk from each side, and braid it back to look like a crown!

2) Messy Waves
Messy waves are the best since they require little to no effort at all. All you need to do is throw some curls in your hair, toss them around with your hands, add some hairspray, and you’re good to go!

3) Tie It Back
The messy look is super in right now, so you might as well rock it by throwing your hair back into a messy ponytail. Once it’s pulled back, pull some hair out and then hide your elastic with some strands of hair. Super cute, and really easy!

4) Tie It Halfway Back
I’m all about cute holiday hairstyles like this. All you have to do is create those handy loose waves, throw your hair back into a looped bun, and you’ve got yourself a holiday hairstyle!

5) A Simple Braid
To achieve a look like the below, just braid your hair as normal, throw a hair tie in, and then move your tie up until your braids look a little distorted!

6) Easy Straightened Hair
You can never go wrong with a straightened style for the holidays!

7) If You Have Short Hair, Try Loose Curls
Use your curling iron or even flat iron to achieve this look! Super easy, and looks great with those holiday outfits!

8) Let Your Hair Hang Out
As I mentioned earlier, letting your hair hang loose is what’s popular at the moment. Therefore, why not leave some waves down while keeping that bun styled back? Definitely make for cute holiday hairstyles!
9) A Sock Bun Always Works
Ah, how I love sock buns. They are so easy to do, and it looks like you actually put effort into your hairstyle! Yeah I know, my mind was blown too.

10) Throw Some Curls In There
Don’t go overboard with the curls, but if you throw a few in here and there you will have yourself a really cute look!

11) Slicked Back
As you may know, the Kardashians rock this look all the time and I give it an A+. It’s super easy to do, and looks really sophisticated!

12) Top With A Hat
If you’re not feeling like doing a hairstyle, then throw a cute hat on top! This can go with any outfit, and still looks good!

13) Natural
Some people’s natural hair is so pretty and deserves to just be kept fresh. Don’t neglect your natural hair when planning for the holidays!

14) All Over Curls
These curls can only be rocked by a few, but damn do they give an exotic look.

15) The Messy Bob
If you have short hair, a messy bob is always an easy way to go. To create this look, just throw some texturing gel in there!

16) Half-Braided Pigtails
Part your hair in the middle, french braid each side back, and leave the rest out for a cute holiday pigtail look!

17) Braided Pigtails
If you are feeling daring, continue with your braiding process until you can’t braid any longer! Definitely a cute holiday look!

18) The Fishtail
I’ll be honest, I have no idea how to fishtail but I’ve heard it’s simple to do! Don’t forget to keep it messy, you can never go wrong with that!

19) Loosely Braided
The half back look with a little braid is such a fun, easy, and cute holiday hairstyle!

20) We Couldn’t Leave Beach Waves Out
Last but not least, beach waves are of course needed. By now I’m sure you’ve seen millions of tutorials to achieve these, but it’s such a great look for a holiday party!